Kettlebell Kickboxing

Program Overview
Kettlebell Kickboxing™ is a one-of-a-kind fitness and longevity method developed by fitness expert & martial artist Dasha L. Anderson, MS, NASM-PES, NASE. Kettlebell Kickboxing™ redefines the body by combining the mobility, conditioning and longevity elements of martial arts with the power and strength of Russian kettlebell training. Together this creates a NON-impact 60 minute total body scorching class, that burns up to 1,000 calories – and helps the body achieve strength and balance.

All KB Classes are coed.
Malick Coulibaly dit Fall
Malick has been studying martial arts since 1982 and is a taekwondo Master and retired world class competitor. It was his love for martial arts and physical fitness that brought him to the benefits of Kettlebell training. He has independently studied kettlebells since 2006 and was introduced to Kettlebell Kickboxing through one of his taekwondo students. Malick is a KBIA Certified instructor and teaches KB classes here at Harlem Tae Kwon Do. "Kettlebell Kickboxing is a natural extension of the values and principles we strive to instill through all our classes. Our vision is to inspire and motivate all who come through our doors to be their best self."

Image Oumar Cisse
Oumar has been studying martial arts since 1996 and holds a 4th degree in taekwondo and is a world class competitor. As a fitness enthusiast, he sees Kettlebell Kickboxing as a great way to bring the principles of martial arts conditioning and versatility of kettlebell training to the masses. Oumar is a KBIA Certified instructor and teaches KB classes here at Harlem Tae Kwon Do.
Tuesday/Friday - 6:00pm
Saturday - 10:00am, 3:00pm
Program Pricing
$25/Class OR $175 for 10-Class Pack
+ $30 Annual Membership