TKD PeeWee 4-5 years old

Program Overview
Due to the tremendous popularity of martial arts based TV programs like Ninjago, Nickelodeon's Avatar, Power Rangers, and DragonBall Z and movies and video games, children have taken an avid interest in the martial arts. Unfortunately, these programs, movies and games often convey a confusing and negative message about the martial arts, portraying them as aggressive activities in which one's physical, often violent fighting skills are the quick fix to all problems. What often gets lost is the real message of martial arts: discipline, respect for others and oneself, self-confidence and the development of a strong and complete individual through rigorous training. In our Early Childhood Program, we hope to channel the interest of youngsters (four and five years old) in the martial arts into an activity which promotes the ideals of discipline, respect and confidence through activities which are designed to increase aerobic capacity, sharpen motor skills and increase focus. Most importantly, we believe that students will learn the many valuable lessons of the martial arts while actually having fun.
Class Structure
Each session of the program consists of 30-40 minutes in combination with the children's class. The children will learn some of the basic blocks, kicks and punches of TKD. There will be no physical contact between students and many practice drills will be conducted on kicking pads and shields. Students will be taught lessons in the proper time and situations for use of their new-found skills. A belt promotion system whereby the students will earn stripes upon successful completion of promotion tests will reinforce positive behavior and serve as incentives for improvement. It should be noted at this point that the belt rank system will be different from the regular children's program belt ranking system. However, as students gain command of their skills and become closer to the age of six, they will have the opportunity to join the regular children's program.
Saturday - 11:15-12:15pm
Program Pricing
$30 Annual Membership Fee (prorated at time of sign-up)
- $27/class (uniform must be purchased separately)
- 15 Classes $360 ($24.00/class - includes uniform)
- 30 Classes $645 ($21.50/class - includes uniform)
- 45 Classes $855 ($19.00/class - includes uniform)